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Welcome to Club Dynasty!

Located in Toronto, Canada, Club Dynasty is an executive health spa that offers deep-tissue or Swedish style massage with a sensual, erotic massage twist. In addition to erotic massage, we offer a variety of spa services and amenities that we know will impress. When it comes to erotic massage, Asian massage, exotic massage, and other spa services in the Greater Toronto Area, we can’t be beat!

Situated on more than 10,000 square-feet in Markham, Club Dynasty has become a staple among hobbyists looking to relax with spa services and erotic massage near Toronto. After being in the business for 30 years, we know exactly what our clients expect and desire to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. We have also created a serene, and spotless environment suitable for enjoying yourself and getting the relaxation you deserve.

Show Up Anytime

No appointment is required. Show up anytime for the best full-body exotic massage in Toronto. Walk-ins are always welcome! Upon arriving, guests are provided with robes, shorts, and a secure locker with a key.

Executive Health Spa

Guests can enjoy any one of our many amenities before or after their massage. Feel free to unwind in our large TV lounge that features couches, La-Z-Boy chairs, free Wifi, and a complimentary juice and snacks bar — the perfect place to relax, grab a bite, and catch up. Our guests are also encouraged to make use of our large hot Jacuzzi, cold plunge pool, dry sauna, and a steam room that help make your experience at Club Dynasty unforgettable.

At Club Dynasty, we have designed an exclusive spa experience unlike any other spa in the Toronto area. Our spa has everything you need to immerse yourself in refined relaxation. Every inch of our 10,000-square-feet location is designed specifically to maximize relaxation and wellness and release any tension weighing you down. Within a space that features unparalleled ambiance, comfortable chairs, and clean, effortless lines, we cultivate an environment that leaves you feeling serene and peaceful as soon as you enter.

Guests will enjoy all of our amenities from our relaxation lounge to our steam room and massage suites, along with our friendly service, custom massage beds, and state-of-the-art showers. Feel free to pick and choose from these services and amenities and combine them as you please.

We pride ourselves on offering a haven of tranquility for every guest. We’re fully equipped with everything we need to make each guest’s experience truly one-of-a-kind.

Walk-Ins Are Always Welcome

No appointment? No problem. We happily accept walk-ins at any time that you decide to visit.

Why not make a day of it? All guests who purchase massages of 45 minutes or more receive complimentary all-day access to the Jacuzzi pool, steam room, dry sauna, and relaxation lounge. If you’re coming from out of town, no visit to the area will be complete without a trip to Club Dynasty.


We offer a variety of impressive services to help you get the most of your spa experience. Whether you’re looking for something quick or you’re eager to spend the day at Club Dynasty (once you’re here, we know you will), we’ve got the right service for you.

Not sure of what services would be right for you? Get an idea of what we have to by checking out our Services & Rates page.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Massage

Are you new to Shiatsu massage or just want to learn more about it? We’ve got you covered.

We offer 45, 90, or 135-minute erotic shiatsu massage, which makes this the perfect choice whether you’re in a hurry or looking to spend more time relaxing.

It gets its name from the Japanese term for finger pressure, and Shiatsu massage involves the rhythmic application of finger pressure on different areas of the body.

Why choose Shiatsu massage?

In addition to its incredible relaxation powers, Shiatsu is known for being a beneficial tool in overall health and wellness.

Some of the many benefits you could experience from Shiatsu massage include:

• Reduced fatigue
• Decreased stress and anxiety
• Minimized muscle pain and stiffness
• Improved mood and energy levels
• Better sleep
• Increased labido

4-Hands Massage

4-Hands Massage

If you’re looking for something a little different than a classic massage and are ready to try something new, guests can choose either a 45 or 90-minute 4-hands massage.  These massages are done by two ladies, and many of our guests remark this makes for an incredible sensual massage experience.  Your entire body will be enveloped in erotic touch as you experience 4-hands of absolute bliss.


Perhaps you’re not looking for a massage but you’d still like to enjoy our spa experience? Guests can enjoy all-day-access to our amenities which include:

State-of-the-Art Showers

State-of-the-Art Showers

Our state-of-the-art showers are unlike any other shower you’ve ever taken with several great features:

• Multi-functional shower head including a rainfall function
• Eight body massage nozzles for further relaxation
• Temperature display to help you better control your experience
• Impressive water pressure that’s maintained throughout your entire shower

Steam Room

Steam Room

A steam room is another great way to relax that has other health and wellness benefits as well.

• The heat and moisture in a steam room are known to increase blood flow and improve circulation.  They’re a great choice for after a workout when you’re looking to ease muscle pain — the increased blood flow can help remove metabolic waste in the muscles that are known to cause soreness.
• Looking for a smooth, clean shave?  Using the steam room before shaving can help soften hair follicles and remove dead skin cells.
• Above all, you’ll find that a steam room is one of the most effective forms of relaxation.  Many of our guests claim it leads to much better sleep as well.

Dry Sauna

Dry Sauna

You can heat up and calm down all at once in our delightful dry sauna!  The dry sauna produces many of the same benefits as the steam room, but with dry heat as opposed to moisture.  You’ll typically find the dry sauna has a slightly higher temperature, but much lower humidity than a steam room.  Our guests often find they can remain in the dry sauna longer than the steam room. Try them both out and see which one you prefer, or divide your time between the two!
Cold Plunge Pool

Cold Plunge Pool

The perfect way to cool off after the steam room or the dry sauna is taking a dip in our cold plunge pool, and it’s also a great choice for before or after a massage.  Cold plunge pools are useful tools for rejuvenation and recovery, and can also promote better circulation, post-workout recovery, and minimizing muscle soreness and aches.
Hot Jacuzzi

Hot Jacuzzi

No visit to Club Dynasty is complete without hopping into our spacious, hot Jacuzzi!  Not only can the Jacuzzi help with muscle soreness, aches, stiffness, and other ailments, but it’s also one of the most effective forms of relaxation — especially when used in conjunction with our massages and other spa services!

Why Club Dynasty?

Club Dynasty has become the premier choice for people in the GTA who are looking to relax and enjoy themselves in a serene, spotless spa environment. But just reading about what makes us great isn’t enough — come by today and try us out to see for yourselves what makes us different than a traditional massage spa! No appointment necessary.

Want to learn more? Call or come by today. We can’t wait to meet you!

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